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More of Small Mountain's Receipe's

          Al's Barbequed Ribs

20 lbs               Country style pork ribs
2 lg.                 Red onions

1 lg clove          Garlic
1 lg bottle         Liquid Smoke
1 lg bottle         A-1 Steak Sauce
2 Gal. Bottles    BBQ Sauce (Your Favorite)
1 Fifth              Jose Cuervo Gold (Tequila)
Salt & Pepper to Taste

Place a large plastic bag in sink, on table or in a large pan. (Wherever you want to prepare the ribs.)

Ready?  Place a layer of ribs in side of the plastic bag.  Throw in some onion and 2 clean and quartered cloves of garlic.  Add a splash of BBQ sauce, 1/4 bottle of the smoke and a quarter bottle of A-1 sauce.....

Next?????  Add 2 shots of Tequila to the sauce, (and add a shot for the cook.... (of course!)

Repeat these steps 'til all ribs are saused (or the cook is.....)

Rinse all bottles in Tequila and pour in the bag over your ribs.  Tie the bag closed and mix it up by rolling it around or ?????  Refrigerate for 8-12 hours.  (It's best to make them up the day before the party or barbeque.)

When ready to cook, place ribs in a pot and simmer 3-4 hours.  Skim off the fat and check ribs
for doneness.  You can finish them up on the barbeque or serve from right from the oven......

Serve with beer and Tequila (however no more for the cook.... he is already done by now!)

Enjoy the party!

Yield - Approx 15 hungry people/ 20 not so hungry people.  Double the receipe for larger crowds or cut in half for smaller crowds.

                 ~^~Small Mountain~^~

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                 Small Mountain's Turkey
   with Wild   Rice and Mushroom Dressing

1               14 lb. Turkey
2 boxes      Uncle Bens long grain and wild rice
2 cartons    fresh (or 3 big cans) mushrooms
2 cans        cranberrry cauce (not the jellied kind)
2 cans        water chestnuts (sliced)
1 qt.           orange juice

Start by cooking rice as per instructions on the box, except use 1/2  water and 1/2 orange juice where it calls for water.
After the rice is cooked add the mushrooms (sliced,) cranberries and water chestnuts.  Add more orange juice if dressing is getting dry. (It should be moist but not soggy.)

Now stuff it!  (The turkey, that is....) and place the turkey in a greased brown paper bag (Pam works great!)

Bake at 325 for about 2 1/2 hours, tear off the bag and bake until done, basting with orange juice when needed.)

Enjoy with several good friends and a nice bottle of wine..... or two!!

                        ~^Small Mountain^~

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