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And... here is your Buffalo.  You earned him (or her) fair and square!

                 ~Little Wing~ (Webmistress)

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Small Mountain gets personal......

 Well, Little Sister (known to most of you as Webmistress) said I have to write a personal page explaining who I am and what I do so here it is.

 Born Edward Alan Bresette in May of 47,  raised as Alan L Hamann, by a very loving mother who started me on fixing up old houses at a young age. I,ve  done many since, for friends , family and of course for money.

 I was given the name "Patience Of A Small Mountain" when I was working in the Four Corners area teaching passive solar
design and construction. Any of you that have been to the old mission in Bluff Utah and have seen the greenhouse/solarium there have seen some of my work. When asked to teach there I went to the grade school and explained to the young ones how some of the cliff dwellings were passive solar homes (or condos as the case may be) and then I asked them to go teach their parents. To this day every student that I have had the pleasure of teaching anything has had that same class. Those were the "Carter Years" and I gave that same class at the Utah State capital. We were writing and lobbying for the tax credits for passive solar. I firmly believe anyone who builds a house is foolish not to include solar heating and/or cooling.

 Anyone who does know me knows that I am a quiet man, a typical Taurus, but I do get passionate about a few things and passive solar is but one. Every winter people, usually elders,
freeze to death in sub standard houses on some of our poorer reservations. I will spend the rest of my life doing something about that.

I believe the Great Spirit (or what ever you choose to call him or her) has put all of us here with a purpose and the skills to accomplish that purpose. It is our responsibility to find out what we are here for.  

 I believe that every one of my students have something to teach me if I take the time to listen.  

I believe there are a few really good people in this world and a few that are really bad but most of use are somewhere in the middle. I feel it is in the heart. Those few really good people have more heart and the bad have none. The good have gotten over the broken heart that we all get, the bad never do and the rest of us are healing.

 I believe one of the most amazing places I have ever seen is Pueblo Bonito  For those of you that do not know of it, it was the worlds largest multi-family dwelling until almost the twentieth century. It was probably the first if not the largest Passive Solar "condo" ever built. It was abandoned a couple hundred years before Columbus bumped into us and is but one of the wonders of the four corners area.

 Well webmistress, did I earn my buffalo???  

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