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You have arrived at

Small Mountain's Post Office

This is the place to send or receive your digital smoke signals (Digital Postcards.) Never used Digital Postcards? Well, a useful service whenever you want to send an Smoke Signals to your friends. Please have a look at a sample postcard. Or consult  the Digital Postcard FAQ.

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How can I write or read my Digital Postcards?

Just Click on "Make your Digital Postcard Here" at the bottom of the page.  There you can select a postcard language.
When writing a postcard, you will be able to customize its layout by choosing optional pictures and sounds. After submission of that form a postcard preview will be displayed and you can change the settings in case you don't like your card

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NEW!!! You can upload your own images and sounds! NEW!!!
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Only .gif, .jpg, .aif, .au, .wav and .mid files are allowed, the maximum file size is 35 KB. You need Netscape Navigator 2.0 or better to take advantage of this new feature. Go get it !  

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The recipients will be notified about their postcard by a simple email message. They will also be informed about its location on our server. We will provide them with a unique claim check number that all recipients need to enter to request their postcards.

Now you are ready to start sending your Digital
Smoke Signals... So click below and Have Fun!
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Image of sample.gif Click here to create or pick up your Digital Postcard Image of sample.gif

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