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Good Causes

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This is a new page added in February 99.  There are many good causes I believe in (and will be adding to this page.) that deserve our attention and our help.  Get involved if you can.  If enough of us get together maybe we can make a difference.


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Lil' Sis received this plea and we are helping to spread the word.  Please read on:

I am writing this with hope you like to help me out.
I have made a page about caring.
The new topic on this is to stop the american govermet from making
native americans move from there land...
the goverment have found oil and other stuff they need and they now
dont care about ones have given the land to the navajo indians in

On the page you can find the link,, if you like I have made this picture to link to the page.

This matter needs everyone around the world to react and help.

Hope you'd like to help

Sincerly Ingela Hallgren

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